What is life || what is life process

What is life || what is life process 

life process

NUTRITION :-  Nutrition is the process of taking food and utilize in various biological Activity.  


The inorganic or organic substance which an organism obtain from it surrounding for the biosynthetic of it body construction like issue and organs are called ‘Nutrient’.
·        Living things are complaint organization of molecules which perform certain life process that distinguish then form non-living things.
·       Para-meters  for the basic differences between living and non-living things are
(1)   Organisation
                 (2) Metabolism (catabolism & Anabolism)
                 (3) Growth
                 (4) Adaptability
                 (5) Irritability
                 (6) Locomotion
                 (7) Reproduction

 What is life?

Life is based on a self- regulated compiler system of molecules is a cell. These molecules undergo continuous chemical reaction and cause, maintenance , grow , responsible , and reproduction .combination of certain large molecules such as proteins , fat, carbohydrates , nucleic acids are unique in our life .such combination of common elements provide dynamic system of coordinates chemical or physical activities that differentiated living famous non living forms

What is life process?

Life processes are those process which keep the living organisms alive , and perform the job of body maintenance and repairmen.

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