why do we fall in ill? || what to do if i fall in ill?

why do we fall in ill? || what to do if i fall in ill?

Reason, fall in ill

As we know that cells are fundamental units of our body . They are made of verity type of chemical substance like proteins , carbohydrates , fat and so more chemical substance .we have also seen that each living cell in itself is a dynamic unit. for instance , cells and other such functions are continuously being carried out within cells. similarly , within our body , organs carry various Specialized activities for all times  for  example the heart beat to pump blood to all body parts , the kidneys filter the blood and make urine and brain things .all the activities are interconnected to each other . we our kidneys , stop filtering the blood , poisonous substance will accumulate in the body under these condition our brain not work properly

health is describe as the state of complete physical , mental and social well being.Thus, being healthy means that one feels good physically , has a positive outlook and is able to cope with the social and mental pressure without much difficulty .

overlap of personal and community issues for health :

 human beings live in societies . our societies environment therefore plays an important part in our individual health . We live in various place like village , city and town .In such place , our physical environment is decided by our social environment .

if there are heaps of garbage and trash littered here and there , or if there is open drain water lying stagnant around where we live ,  the possibility of poor health increases . so public cleanliness is also and a very important contribution to an individual's health.

Healthy and Disease free :


 It is state of complete physical , mental and social well being .it depends upon the individual as well as on physical and social factors. A healthy persons will be disease free. Healthy person is energetic and able to perform as per requirement.

Disease free

It is state of absence of discomfort in any part of body .It is related to the individual only .A disease free persons can be healthy or unhealthy .Performance of a disease free  person depends upon environment & personal attitude .

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