COMPUTER NETWORKS ( MCQ-1 ) important question for your examinations

COMPUTER NETWORKS ( MCQ-1 ) important question for your examinations 

1) Which of these is a standard interface for serial data transmission?

Ans- RS232C

2) Which type of topology is best suited for large businesses which must carefully control and coordinate the operation of distributed branch outlets?

Ans- star

3) "Parity bits" are used for which of the following purposes?

Ans- To detect errors

4) A collection of hyperlinked documents on the internet forms the ?

Ans- WWW(world wibe wed)

5) The location of a resource on the internet is given by its?

Ans- URL

6) Which software prevents the external access to a system?

Ans- Firewall

7) Which one of the following is the most common internet protocol?


8) Which of the following algorithms is not used in asymmetric-key cryptography?

Ans- Electronic code book algorithm

9) What is the maximum efficiency of pure aloha at G = 1/2?

Ans- 18.4

10) Which of the following statement is true about error detection techniques used on communications link?

a) Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) sequence can detect as well as correct errors.

b) Error detection cannot be used on simplex links

c) Hamming code can detect up to 3-bit errors

d) All of the these..

11) An Aloha network uses an 18.2 kbps channel for sending message packets of 100 bits long size. Calculate the maximum throughput.

Ans- 0.6027

12) How many versions available of IP?

Ans- 4

13) Which of the following cannot be used as a medium for 802.3 ethernet?

Ans- A microwave link

14) Which of the following address belongs class A?


15,) Which of the following is correct IPv4 address?


16) The length of an IPv6 address is?

Ans- 128 bits

17) The IP network is to be divided into 10 equal sized subnets. Which of the following subnet masks can be used for the above requirement?


18) Which of the following protocol is used for remote terminal connection service?


19) Bluetooth is an example of

Ans- Personal area network

20) Which type of Ethernet framing is used for TCP/IP and DEC net?

Ans- Ethernet II

21) Which NetWare protocol works on layer 3–network layer—of the OSI 

Ans- IPX

22) What is the constraint on the data per cookie?

Ans- 4kb

23) Network layer firewall works as a 

Ans- packet filter 

24) When a DNS server accepts and uses incorrect information from a host that has no authority giving that information, then it is called

Ans- DNS spoofing

25) Errors detactions at the data link level is achieved by

Ans- cyclic Redundancy code

26)  How many characters per sec ( 7 bit + 1 parity) can be transmitted over a 2400 bps line if the transfer is synchronous (1 " start" and 1 " stop" bit )

ans- 300

27)  Which one of the following network used dyanamic or adaptive routing ?


28) A noiseless 3 kHZ channel transmits bits with binary level signals. what is the maximum data rate ?

ans- 6kbps

29) What is the default subnet mask for a class A Network?


30) Several computers linked to a server to share programs and storage space.

ans- Network

31) Which of the following device is used to connect two systems, especially if the systems use different protocols?

ans- Gateway

32)  FDDI is 

ans- Ring network

33)  "Parity bits" are used for which of the following purposes?

ans- To detect errors

34) NIC stands for

ans- Network inteface card

 35)  How many layer in OIS refrence model

ans- 7 layer

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