1.During lowering of an overhauling load braking take place is 
Ans- Regenerative braking

2. The slip s for reversal of an induction motor is 
Ans- s1= 2-S

3.staring current of a motar is kept low to
Ans- avoid excessive heating

4. Advantage of PWN inverter over square wave inverted is 
Ans- 10w order harmonics are eliminated

5. Motors commenly used for drive in printer is a 
Ans- stepper motar

6. Zone of electric drive below base speed is 
Ans- constant torque region

7. The term 'slip power recovery' is associated with 
Ans-  3 phase cage rotar induction motar and 3 phase slip ring induction motor

8. A typical active load is 
Ans- Hoist

9. Frequency of voltage generator by alternator having 4 poles and rotating at 1800 rpm is 
Ans -  N= (120 f / P) 
           f = (N× p) =(1800×4)/120
              = 60Hz

10.________ drive is also called as line shaft drive 
Ans - Group drive

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