1. The series field of long shunt compound generator is excited by 
Ans- load current

2. Which motor part of the control circuit in the robotic application 
Ans-  Servomotor

3. 3 phase induction motar is analogous to 
Ans - Rotating transformer

4. Synchronous motor for the rotary kilns run at 
Ans- ultra low speed

5. In case of electromechanical generator , the frequency is 
Ans- Directly proportional to the speed

6. Dc motor is recommended for the locomotive drive is 
Ans- Dc series motor

7. _________ are nonmanual control switches activated by an unsafe condition 
Ans- Interlock

8. Fan, pump, blowers, are the example of the __________ drive 
Ans-. Fixed Speed drive

9. Which switches is used for the automatic control of the motor 
Ans- Hand OFF auto switch

10. The application of suitable core reactor is 
Ans- variable impedance

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