power generation and economics (MCQ-2) important questions four your examinations , these questions are comes in many examination 

1. Demand factor is 

ans- max. demand / connected demand 

2. In a system , if the base load is the same as the maxm. demand , the load factor will be

ans- 1

3. A system having a connected load is 100kW , the peak load of 80kW . base load is 20kW and avg. load of 40kW , will have a load factor 

ans- 50%

4. The power station plant load factor is defined as the ratio of 

ans- avg. load of peak load


5. The max. demand of a consumer is 2kW and his daily energy consumption is 20 unit. his load factor is 

ans- 41.6%

6. If the power factor is high , then the consumer maxm. kVA demand

ans- Decreases 

7. Diversity factor has a direct effected on the 

ans- fixed cost of unit generated 

8. What does the area under the load curve given

ans- energy consumed 

9.  load shedding is done to

ans- reduce peak demand 

10. In two part tariff, variation in load factor will affect

ans- Operating or running charges

11. Salvage value of the plant is always

a) positive

b) negative

c) zero

d) any of the above 

12. Ships are generally powered by

ans- Diesel engines 

13. Generating capacity connected to the bus bars and ready to take load when switched on is known as

ans- spinning reserve

14. An alternator coupled to a ________ runs at slow speed, as compared to as compared to others.

ans - Hydraulic turbine

15. Power plant cannot have single unit of 100 MW.

ans- Diesel

16. Hydrograph is similar to 

ans- chronological load curve

17. what is the total power installed capacity in (approx) in India ?

ans- 125,000 MW

18. What is the current expression for the electrical power developed by a hydroelectric power plant in KW

ans- 0.736/75 WQHn

19. Gross head of an hydroelectric power station 

ans- the difference of water level between the level in the storage and tail race

20. The largest size of hydroelectric unit in india?

ans- 165MW

21. The advantage of hydroelectric power station over the thermal power station?

ans- The operating cost of hydroelectric power station is low

22. The specific speed of a water turbine is the speed at which the turbine the develop ?

ans - Unit horse power at unit head

23. The specific speed of kaplan francies and pelton turbine are in

ans- the decreasing order

24. Turbine installed in BHAKRA NAGAL DAM are 

ans- palton wheels

25. IN water turbine  the runway speed of pelton wheel is 

ans- 1.8 times rated speed

26. Water hammer occurs in

ans- penstock

27. Location of a surge tank in an hydroelectric power station ,is near

ans- turbine

28. the function of surge tank is to

ans- Reliene water hammer pressure in the penstock pipe 

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