Lithium-Ion Battery - Clean Energy - Uses & Advantage & disadvantage of lithium-ion battery

What is Lithium-ion batteries?
Lithium-Ion Battery - Clean Energy  Lithium-ion battery is rechargeable battery 🔋 .In this type of batteries the charge particles moves negative charge to posative charge direction. Anode is the positive electrode that is normally oxidised ,There fore the losses of electrone in chemical reaction within the cell.lithium ion battery working principle
Lithium-Ion Battery - Clean Energy & Free Energy:- 

* In the battery, lithium ions moves from the -ve to +ve electrode during discharge , back when charging li-ion battery use an intercalated li-ion compound material at the +ve electrode .The batteries have a high energy density , no memory effect compare to  lead cells and low self discharging
* we know in this time most of the electronics and electrical vehicle are used lithium -ion batteries. the main best part of the lithium batteries is slow discharging , its theoretical limits of being abe to provide maximum upto 300 watt hour per kilogram energy of lithium .this battery 🔋 can also be used to store solar and wind power which means .It is possible live in a fuel free society.
* IIT Guwahati Researches & devloped technique which can perfectly change lithium battery feature , this Research find a most important battery factor
internal state io called SoC (Short for state of charge )
  NOW, comes the point of Soc
@ How can work Soc : Soc reflects the remaining capecity of the battery
that how much more charge can be withdrawn from the battery before its
gets fully charged
@ The Soc can helpfull some factor of battery 🔋 like - increasing capacity ,reduced cost of battery & most important is part ensures sefety of the battery

# future of battery 🔋

we know that in this time we all depends fossil fuels.& Lithium-Ion Battery - Clean Energy we know
 disadvantage of fossil fuels :-
1. fossil fuels pollute the Environment very much
2. fossil fuels energy is Non-renewable and unsustainable 3. for finding fossil fuels, drilling is very dengrous process this factor cause the best alternative of fossil fuels is solar energy

# Advantages of lithium-ion battery
1. low maintenance cost: lithium ion battery maintenance is very low
becouse not required to ensure their performance and they has low memory effect.

2. self discharging problem: lithium battery discharge rate is very low
compare to Ni battery where nikel battery 20% discharging rate per month and lithium-ion battery rate is (2-3)% per months,so this factor the battery life is long term used

3. compact size : main features of lithium battery is compact size , this
type of battery now a time used in smartphone , portable sound box , car,many thing of portable gadgets.

4. fast charging: another main factor is fast charging now a modern lithium
battery support various type of fast charge , you look some mobile quick charge support , the battery charge just a minute .

5. veriety of types available: Today we look verious type of battery
avilable in market , like- diffrent for mobile , laptops, portable speakers and much more
(Lithium-Ion Battery - Clean Energy )

disadvantage of lithium-ion battery

if we make a creative for our life advantage then disadvantage comes runs from back .
1. protection required : battery during charging and comes much time direct sun light then look battery overhead. if battery heat more than 65-70 degree heated then may be battery blast. so we protect always from overheated

2. high cost : lithium ion battery are 40% more costly to nikel Cadmium cells. This disadvantage come in recent year when its comes large quantity by air 

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