Network theory is a theory for analys graphs with theory  that represent systems containing discrete objects, with respect to lines between the objects denoting their intersect . Such graphs are commonly used in finance  for example, to understand financial flows and inter-connected between central counterparties. Mathematical methods from graph theory can be used to analyse networks.
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Here you can find Hand written Network THEORY 
We are covered these topics given below 
  • Basics
  • Network analysis techniques.
  • Network Theorems: NetworkTheorem, Norton's Theorem,Superposition Theorem, Maximum Power, Transfer Theorem, Millman's Theorem, Substitution Theorem, Compensation Theorem, Tellegen's Theorem.
  • Network graphs & matrices Terminology used in network graph, Formation of Incidence Matrix, Reduced Incidence Matrix.
  • Wye-Delta transformation.
  • Two port networks: Z, Y, h and transmission parameters.
  • Combination of two ports analysis of common two ports.
  • Network functions.
  • parts of network functions.
  • obtaining a network function from a given part.
  • Linear constant coefficient differential equations- time domain analysis of RLC circuits.
  • Solution of network equations using Laplace transforms-frequency domain analysis of RLC circuits
  • 2-port network parameters-driving point & transfer functions.
  • State equations for networks.
  • Steady state sinusoidal analysis.
  • transient response steady state sinusoidal response.
  • Transmission criterion: daley and rise time.
  • Elmorc's and other definition effect of cascading 
  • and Remains topic Related Network Theory
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