Previous year Question paper Practice for HPCL UPCL ISRO RVUNL exam 2021

Previous  year Question paper Practice for HPCL UPCL ISRO RVUNL exam 2021.we are trying to hard for finding these questions. In this series we provide 75 questions series , some question is  this page other questions we will update as soon as possible . keep in our touch with us  part-2 coming soon.

HPCL,RVUNL,ISRO,UPCL,GATE Previous year question which will help you current year exam, every question are very important.

Q1. What will be the 'rms' value of a half wave rectifier symmetrical square wave which is having current of 4A.?

  1.  2.82A
  2. 1.414A
  3. 6.45A
  4. 0.707A

Q2. The detrimental effect of armature reaction can be controlled by

   1. increase the length of air gap

  2. using commutating poles

 3. increase the cross section of pole pieces

which of these is/are incorrect

  1.  2 & 3
  2.  only 3
  3.  only 1
  4.  1 & 2 

Q3. In armature winding the distance between the segments to which the ends of coils are connected is.?

  1.  commutator pitch
  2.  resultant pitch
  3.  back pitch
  4.  front pitch

Q4. In a common base configuration BJT has _______ input impedance and ________ output impedance.?

  1.  Low, Low
  2.  High, Low
  3.  Low, High
  4.  High, High

Q5. superconductor now a day found their application in various fields. This is due to the fact that they.?

  1. Generated free from magentice field
  2.  Ganufacture bubble memories
  3. Generate electrostatic field 
  4.  Generate very strong magnetic field

Q6. For A Lap wound Generator , the number of parallel path in armature is taken to be 

  1.  2
  2.  number of poles 
  3.  number of poles 2
  4.  4

Q7. for the given circuit find the value of v at t=12ms , if current  is given as i=10te^-100t (where L=25mH)

  1.  -15.06mv
  2.  -0.987mv
  3.  34.09mv
  4.  87.09mv

Q8. If there were no copper losses in the motor.?

  1.  rotor doesn't run
  2.  rotar run at normal speed 
  3.  rotar run at synchronous speed 
  4.  rotar run at infinite speed

Q9. In a semiconductor drift current due to 

  1.  volume gradient 
  2.  diffusion of change 
  3.  concentration gradient 
  4.  Applied electric field 

Q10. Which of the following generator has zero percent regulation 

  1.  flat compound 
  2.  over compound 
  3.  under compound 
  4.  both flat & under compound 

Q11. In a semiconductor diffusion current is due to 

ans - concentration gradient

Q12. How to generate drift current in semiconductor

ans - by electric field 

Q13. In a induction motor at speed near to synchronous speed  the torque speed and torque slip curves are approximately.

  1.  hyperbolas
  2.  parabolas
  3.  ellipses
  4.  straight line

Q14. The generated emf per parallel path in armature of a DC generator is 

        1.directly proportional to the flux 

  2. inversely proportional to the number    of poles 

    3.directly proportional to rotational speed of armature 

  1.  1 & 3 
  2.  2 & 3
  3.  only 2 
  4.  1 & 2 

Q15. In electric Braking of shunt motors plugging is used to control

  •     printing press
  •     rolling mills 
  •     elevators

The incorrect amongst these is/are

  1.  2 & 3
  2.  1 & 2
  3.  only 3 
  4.  none of these 

Q16. DC bais is adjusted grether their its cut-off value so that the    output current flow for less than half of the input voltage cycle in

  1.  Class A Amplifier
  2.  Class B Amplifier
  3.  Class C Amplifier
  4.  Class AB Amplifier

Q17. Which Class of Power Amplifier Having Maximum conversion efficiency

  1. Class A
  2.  Class B
  3.  Class C
  4.  Class AB
  5.  Class D

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