Gate 2022 question paper EE, CS download

GATE 2022 Question Paper 

GATE 2022 is being conducted By Indian Institute Of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur on February of 5th, 6th, 12th & 13th Date. The GATE 2022 exam is being conducted in 29 subjects. As the mode of the GATE 2022 exam is online, the candidates will get the official response sheet only after the conclusion of the exam. The candidates can download the PDF of the memory-based questions of GATE 2022 on this page for Some papers. The memory-based questions available on this page are collected from candidates who appeared for the exam. The detailed solutions or answer keys for some papers can be accessed through the links available on this page.

GATE 2022 Question Papers (Memory-Based)

  • The subject-wise memory-based question papers of GATE 2022 can be downloaded in PDF format from the Given links below. If you had appeared for the exam, you can also submit your memory-based questions For Others GATE 2023 Aspirants Students.

GATE 2022 CSE Memory-Based Questions (Source: CollegeDekho)

  • Q1. What is the probability of arranging 6 identical balls in 3 identical boxes? NAT
  • Q2. If r is the square root of x^2-2x+6=0. The value of (r+2)(r+3)(r+4)(r+6) is ?
  • Q3. For making elements of Q2 -> 4,3,2,1, how many minimum numbers of NQ operations are required?
  • Q4. What is the worst-case time complexity of an algorithm that reverses a singly linked list in order of 1 space complexity?
  • Q5. In a box, there are 4 green balls and 3 orange balls and a ball is drawn randomly if the ball is green then do nothing if the ball is orange then put that ball back in the box what is the probability that the second ball is drawn is orange?
  • Q6. There is queue 1234 how many steps are required to make it 4321 without using any other data structure?
  • Q7. In national exam 65% boys appeared and remaining were girls. Out of total qualified students 60% were girls. In the above given data what is your interpretation (a) Equal numbers of boys and girls appeared (b) number of qualified boys were less than qualified girls (c) Equal number of boys and girls qualified (d) more girls appeared than the boys
  • Q8. Value of [lim _{x\rightarrow 0^{+}}\dfrac{\sqrt{x}}{1-e^{2\sqrt{x}}}]
  • Q9. The _____ is so high to be _____ (a) fair/fare (b) fare/fair (c) fare/fare (d) fair/fair
  • Q10. P,Q,R,S are 4 process come at time 0 with this sequence. Round Robin with TQ=4 was given. There have cs between process es. Exactly one cs between sq, exactly one between rq, exactly two between qr and no cs between sp or ps what could not be the bt in the given options? MCQ
  • Q11. File 1000byte is sending to the space station (2100km far from the earth) with 100mbps at the speed of 3*10^8. Required time to send the data to the space station?

  • Q12. p,q,r,u,s,t are mid points and corners of a triangle such that1) line joining p and r is parallel to q and s2) p is on the side opposite to corner t3) s and u can't be on the middle

  • Q13. Link speed from earth to satellite is100mbps, and distance is 2100km and speed of is 3 x 10^8, how much time to send 1000 bytes in milli sec???

GATE 2022 EE Memory-Based Question Paper and Answer Key 

  • Q1. The price of an item is 10% cheaper in an online store “s” compared to another online store “m”. Store “s” charges Rs 150/- for delivery. Store “m” does not charge anything extra. A person bought an item from store “s” and saved Rs 100/-. What is the price of the item at store “s” if there are no other charges other than the ones mentioned above? 
    • Ans: 2250 

  • Q2. The maximum clock frequency in MHz of a 4 stage ripple counter utilizing flip-flop with each having propagation delay of 20 n-sec is ____? 
    • Ans: 12.5 MHz 

  • Q3. A MOD 2 and a MOD 5 up counter when cascaded together results in a MOD __ counter? Ans: 10 4. Single phase inverter voltage output waveform is given with 50% duty cycle. DC voltage is given 1000V and output current equation is in form 10sin (wt=60). What is the active power output? 
    • Ans: 3183.09V 

  • Q5. For buck boost converter, output voltage ripple is 1V and the inductor current waveform is shown in the fig. Find the value of C? 
    • Ans: if You Know This Question Ans (You Comment Your Ans With Question Number)

  • 6. If only 5% of the supplied power to a cable reaches the output terminal, the power loss in cable in decibels is ___? 
    • Ans: 22.27% 

  • Q7. 2 generating units rated for 250MW and 400MW have governor speed regulations of 6% and 6.4% respectively from no load to full load. Both the generating units are operating in parallel to share a load of 500MW. Assuming free governor action, the load share in MW by the 25MW generating unit is __? 
    • Ans: if You Know This Question Ans (You Comment Your Ans With Question Number)
  • Q8. The most commonly used relay for the protection of an alternator against the loss of excitation is? 
    • Ans: Offset mho relay

GATE 2022 Exam Schedule : 6 February

February 6, 2022 (Sunday) 9 am– 12pm

  • Electronics and Communication Engineering (EC)
  • Environmental Science & Engineering (ES)
  • Statistics (ST)
  • Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (NM)
  • Metallurgical Engineering (MT)
  • Mining Engineering (MN)

February 6, 2022 (Sunday) 2:30 pm– 5:30 pm

  • Chemistry (CY)
  • Chemical Engineering (CH)
  • Production and Industrial Engineering (P)
  • Humanities & Social Sciences (XH)
  • Instrumentation Engineering (IN)
  • Agricultural Engineering (AG)
  • Geology and Geophysics (GG)
  • Textile Engineering and Fibre Science (TF)

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