What is crypto currency

What is Bitcoin & where we can use Bitcoin ?

Bitcoin is a virtual Currency , that is different to another currency that can neither see nor touch. we can just keep bitcoin in wallet that is ,we will never able to touch it but can spend through online medium

This is a Decentralized currency , This means that neither any bank controls nor any Government of the country . In simple language , the one we use the internet has no owner we can do this in online transaction , shopping and online transactions of any type in anywhere . We Can do this directly and without any third persons interfere . Bitcoin transactions are considered to be fast and efficient. 

Now a day , Online developer and big company in the world also use Bitcoin for transaction . This is a big  advantage of Bitcoin that  all over the world people used it . The rest of currency that we use for the transaction , then the rules of the bank have to be followed by the regulation law , then we go and do the transaction . In this way the account statement present in the bank shows where people have spent . 

since , there is no owner of the bitcoin , all its account are recorded in a public ledger called the block chain , this only proves whether the transaction has taken place or not .

Now about how to start bitcoin , Bitcoin was invented by SATOSHI NAKAMOTO on January 03,2009 . which was the first cryptocurrency . In 2009 1 bitcoin = 0.04 paisa , but now a day you can look in google , you can't believe that in 12 years the price of bitcoin increase in million . now a time many cryptocurrency are exist in market some of popular currency names are Ethereum , Litecoin , polkadot , Cardano , Bitcoin Cash , etc

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